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RV SaltShakers

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus, Through the Power of the Spirit, for the Glory of the Father


Here at RV SaltShakers, we desire to unite, equip, and encourage those who have hearts to reach the lost in our area, especially through personal evangelism, tract distribution, and Gospel preaching.

What we do

I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes

The Signs

Oh my!  The right sign in the right setting invites so much interaction!  We take and use gospel signs to physically communicate gospel truth, and then engage people encouraging them to repent and believe in Christ.  


Booth Ministry

Our Bread and Butter!  Whenever possible, we set up a booth at fairs and festivals.   The banner asks a simple questsion,

"Are You a Good Person."

We have handed out thousands of tracts and have been blessed with hundreds of gospel conversations in connections with this booth.

Open Air Preaching

The Gospel is the verbal proclamation of the Good News of Jesus to every tribe tongue and nation. This word never goes out void, and is the power of God for salvation.  The preacher is the lightning rod, drawing the attention and disdain from some.  He also gets encouragement from others.  Many fruitful conversations come from engaging those on the outside, listening and thinking about the things of God. 

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We go to a crowd that is hostile toward God and Christians, to proclaim the Law and gospel, praying God will grant them repentance and faith, knowing that His word does not return void, all to the glory of God.

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